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Tossing Expired Kohl’s Cash? STOP! It Could Still Be Redeemable(2020)

As of 02/15/2020, this information is accurate and has been updated with the online redemption procedure!

As a Kohls-a-holic and a frugal shopper, nothing irritates me more than when I accidentally let Kohls Cash expire!

To me, expired Kohls Cash is pretty much the equivalent of tossing a $10 bill into the garbage disposal. There’s such a tiny window that it can be used, with two kids and a school schedule it’s easy to forget.

Before this past weekend, and for years, I ASSUMED that once you hit that end date deadline my Kohls Cash was dead. My $10 was gone, and nothing was going to bring it back. *insert sob here*

I was WRONG!

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Expired Kohls Cash – The Discovery

Back in September of 2017,  my Mother came into town to escape Hurrican Irma.

With her, she brought $20 in expired Kohls Cash. Due to all the prep for Irma, she was unable to spend it before it went to Kohls Cash land.

While we were out shopping she made a comment about how she was upset that she’d missed the redemption window and how it was such a waste of money.

I had read several articles about companies being lenient with payments etc due to Irma, so I thought it was worth a shot to ask Kohls if they’d take the expired cash.

I found out something even better!

You can redeem expired Kohls Cash, in-store up to 10 Days past the expiration date. 10 DAYS!


AND that is a year-round policy, not just for special circumstances. Imagine my surprise, glee, and overall excitement at hearing this, pretty close to what you’re feeling now if this is news to you as well.

Then imagine my horror, frustration, and despair when I realized 10 seconds later how much expired Kohls Cash I have THROWN AWAY over the years.  All that wasted money!

I do want to add that even the cashier, who checked us out was not aware of this policy as an employee of the company.

Your next question may be… “How did you find this out?”

My Mother was pretty apprehensive about going into the store to ask about the expired cash, so I decided to call customer service phone number. (If you decide to call select option 2, and then select option 3 for Kohls Cash) As of Dec 7th, 2018 they changed the recording. If you want to talk to a CS rep to confirm call and select option 2, Kohl’ then option 3 for Kohl’s cash then 0 to be transferred to a CS rep. 

Right there, in the recorded audio, the nice robot lady told me that, although you can NOT (as of Dec 7th, 2018 you CAN use expired Kohl’s cash online) use expired Kohls Cash online, you CAN use it in-store for up to 10 days past the expiration date. (the recording no longer tells you this, if you call do not panic)

Pro Kohl’s Tip: Don’t know what you want to buy? No problem go in-store or online and get some random stuff that covers the amount of Kohl’s cash you have.

You can return it if you don’t like what you bought and you will be given a voucher good for 30 DAYS for the total sum of the Kohl’s cash used on the purchase.

How To Redeem Expired Kohl’s Cash Online

IMPORTANT! Make sure you have picked out what you want to purchase with your Kohl’s cash and have it in your online shopping cart BEFORE  you call.

  1. Call Kohl’s costumer service phone number 1-855-564-5705
  2. Select option 2 ( and 3 (Kohl’s cash) then 0 to connect to a costumer service rep.
  3. Supply the CS rep with the requested information ie. name, phone number, or email. They will access your cart.
  4. Relay the numbers on your expired Kohl’s cash and the rep will apply it  to your order.
  5. That’s it! Most people reported it took around 20 or some minutes to complete.

A big thank you to F L, Anthony, Susan, Christine, Audree, Brandy and April for commenting on this post amidst the “chaos” of trying to figure out what changes Kohl’s had made to their expired Kohl’s cash policy.

Now, I can not guarantee they aren’t going to change this policy, but as of 02/15/2020 if you have expired Khols Cash in the 10-day window go spend it!


Now, that you know you can still use expired Kohls Cash don’t forget to share it with friends and family!

Don't be so quick to trash that expired Kohls Cash you may still be able to use it, even after the expiration date! Kohls cash, kohls rewards, shopping at kohls, redeeming kohls cash.


This Post Has 61 Comments

  1. Called customer service and said I knew of the 10 day policy on expired Kohl’s Cash, and she immediately said “of course” to my request to honor my expired cash. She had to place the order herself, but no biggie. Took about 10 minutes from “hello” to “thank you, goodbye”.

  2. Thank you for these step-by-step directions. It was super easy and the phone operator at Kohl’s handled my request quickly and applied my past due Kohl’s cash to my order. I’m very happy!

  3. Still works!!! Was so happy to find this for some last minute Christmas savings. Thank you for the information. Super easy 🙂

  4. Not in our Clearwater store. If it’s expired even one day, the cashier will not accept it. Said it’s “company policy”….

  5. My cash expired on Nov 10, 2019 and i just followed the directions above and was able to use it!! thank you so much for this post!

  6. It worked for me at the end of October! I realized the day after that my $20(!!!) in Kohl’s Cash had expired. Thank God I googled it and found this blog! I put the item I wanted in the cart, called the number, and the rep placed the order for me over the phone. I would have been very disappointed if I lost those $20.

  7. This worked for me today with 7 day expired Kohl’s cash. I set up my cart online and then called. I was also able to apply Yes2You rewards and the current 20% off coupon. Thanks for sharing this tip!

  8. Just called in to use my expired KC, and the rep said in-store only. 🙁 I’m going to try again before I haul my butt to the physical store. Everything I want is online only!!!

  9. Confirmed they would NOT apply my $5 kohl’s cash to my online order. Tried twice — via Live Chat & then on the phone using your method. My email clearly says it expired 09/01/2019, but both CSR’s see 08/31/2019. I offered to screenshot or forward the email to them. The CSR asked what my reason was for not using it before expiration, I said I didn’t notice the expiration date and was about to place an $80 order right now and wanted to see if I can still redeem it somehow. He said sorry, his SUPERVISOR won’t let him apply it. In that case, I just bought the same bed sheets on Amazon now instead of Kohl’s. Better customer service and faster shipping from Amazon. Kohl’s lost my order over $5 lol

  10. Last time I was at kohls they actually told me (without me asking) it was good for 10 days after the expiration day. I wish i knew that years ago!

  11. It absolutely worked! I used my K.C. on line and the representative told me yes I have ten days after it expires. I could not type it in, it would not take so I had to call it in. So I got to use my Kohls Cash!!! Thank you!

  12. You are a lifesaver!! Just saved me from throwing away a $40 Kohls cash! Thank you so much!!

  13. This is wonderful! Thanks for posting this and updating it. It worked perfectly for me when I called in today. They simply said I had a 10 day grace period and once I put the items in my cart, they could apply the Kohl’s cash over the phone. Thanks so much!!

  14. Thank you so much for this article! I was able to redeem $70 Kohls Cash online today (6/3/19), which was 7 days after it expired. I called the number you provided with my cart ready to check out…and it was simple and it WORKED! Thanks a million!

  15. Thank you so much! I found $140 of Kohl’s cash in my purse this morning that expired yesterday! After I found your article and called and verified. As of May 6th, 2019, they still have a 10 grace period to use online and in store! The customer service representative told me I should be able to manually add my cash when I go to check out, if not to call and they would take care of it.

  16. Thank you so much!! I had $80 Kohl’s cash expire yesterday. I followed your steps to place online order with customer service and got my $80 credit!!

      1. I had $30 in Kohl’s cash & googled to see if I could still use it. So happy I came
        Upon your post. It worked! They were very friendly and didn’t even comment that it was expired. Today was day 10 and maybe wouldn’t have worked if I called tomorrow.

  17. Thank you so much!!! $100 Kohls cash expired yesterday, forgot to use it. I was so mad at myself then saw your post. I went in store today, picked up my items, went through the register, handed the cashier my kohls cash coupon, “Ding” 1 day old expired kohls cash coupon accepted!!! So happy!!! Thank you!!!

  18. Just hung up the phone after placing an order. Was able to use my Kohl’s cash that expired December 5. According to the gentleman who helped me you can use it by phone or in store up to 10 days after it expires. (He indicated you might have to remind the in store cashier it has a grace period)

  19. Thank you for sharing this! I was upset that my Kohl’s cash expired. It was worth a lot! I called and was told they will honor Kohl’s cash for the 10 day grace period in store and online. I was able to use it at the store without any problems. Thanks again!

  20. You are able to use expired Kohl’s cash IN-STORE and ONLINE. I just spoke to a customer service representative who informed me that both of these options are available, ten days after expiration, and that if you are buying something in store to just mention it at checkout and if you are placing an order online, call their number (1-855-564-5705) so that they can redeem the kohl’s cash for you and put the order through!

  21. Thank you for the guidance! My Kohls cash expired on 12/5 and was able to redeem by following your instructions. Have items in your shopping cart ready to go, Kohls cash reaward # and PIN available (they will ask for it) and credit card just in case you need to pay the different of taxes. 21 minutes!

  22. I was able to checkout today by calling the customer care using the expired kohls cash. I have never mentioned its expired. I just said i have problem checking out. So they applied it and all done in 10 mins. Thanks i have found this blog and answers. Saved my 45$.😊 happy shopping.!

  23. I just gone through a call and the rep told me we CAN use it in-store. I will go to Kohl’s store today to verify.

  24. I just got off the line with a representative and he informed me that it cannot be used in-store past the date on the cash but if you shop online load up your cart and then call customer service,
    they will go into your cart while you are on the phone with them and will set-up the cash so with it will work with your online order and go through. I hope this is true and whoever else reaches out to a representative gets the same information but I am going to try this very shortly

    1. Ugh! What a bummer they changed the policy! Did the rep say how many days past the date they would do this? I am going to try and call again shortly and get some answers. Please let me know if you’re able to use the expired Kohl’s cash online and how much of a hassle it was working with a CS rep.

      1. I was able to add something to my cart and calledthe number as before abive un the article with option 2 and 3 then 0 to connect to an attendant. He got my name, phone number, then looked in my cart. He then got the numbers on my Kohl’s cash and was able to apply it. He did say that expired Kohl’s cash does carry a 10-day grace period, but that can only be honored by phone orders so they can enter it manually they will not be able to honor any type of grace period in store. The whole process from calling being placed on hold while he did it manually from start to finish was less than 20 minutes.

        1. Thank you so much for the update! I’m so glad they let you use it! I will update the post with the steps you mentioned to hopefully help some other people keep their expired kohls cash out of the trash. Merry Christmas!

    2. I was able to redeem my $90 Kohls Cash just now.
      It was expired on 12/05/2018
      Same procedure, call the customer service. press 2 then 3 then 0 to talk to customer care representative.
      Tell them your name, address, email and method of payment.
      Did not take more than 10 mins.
      Thanks to this blog !
      Happy holidays !!

  25. So when I called customer service. When looking online under Kohls cash as of today 12-7-18. It states you can not. I guess I will have to go to the store and see. I have $45 that expired two days ago.

    1. Did you talk to an associate? It appears that they’ve changed the recording. What this means now i do not know. I’m sure it’s better for them if we forget to spend it.. and just let the kohls cash expire. I am going to attempt to talk to a CS rep this afternoon.

  26. I just realized mine expired yesterday! thanks for this blog thank god for you guys! I will be going this weekend! im in California anyone know if it matters which part your in?

  27. As of 10pm CST on 12/6/18 it may still be true that they will take it, but the nice robot lady does NOT tell you this. She tells you that it is emailed or can be found in your wallet on the app . She also offers to email it again if you want. She says nothing about using expired cash in the store. I hope they do though…I had $105 expired yesterday!

    1. Oh no!!! They changed the recording… I wonder what that means. I will try and call later this afternoon and talk to an associate to see if this policy has changed. I’d imagine it’s better for them when people do forget to spend it and let their kohls cash expire…and maybe they’ve decided that having that specific info front and center is not to their advantage.

    1. Ty I just notice my kohl’s cash expired 12/5 and it wAs 45 in kohl’s cash and 5 in yes rewards so I was upset til I seen this. Ty ty ty. I was waiting for a pair of sneakers to be in stock n of course they still r not so I guess I at least tomorrow can use my kohl’s cash on something for Xmas

  28. Yup! I was just on an online chat and you can use your expired Kohl’s Cash IN STORE. Mine expires 8/19/18 and I was told I can use it in store until 9/8/18. (That’s 3 weeks after expiration!) Yipee!!

    1. My Kohl’s cash expires 8/19 and it’s 12 days past expiration.. will the store accept it? Any tips on what to say?

  29. Good to know although I have a store near me that will take it exp up to 30 days and it scans with no assistance from manager. Sadly online it exp at 11:59 to the T CST which sucks for Cali people😢

  30. I didn’t realize that mine expired 2 days ago and tried to use it online for my son’s Nike bookbag. At first it told me that it was expired so i frantically started shopping on other sites and found prices even higher than Kohl’s without the Kohl’s cash. Went back to Kohl’s app to order it and my Kohl’s cash had been applied so I quickly completed the purchase!

  31. Now that I know this I’m using mine today. I’ve asked before at kohls and they told me I can’t. I’m calling now to make sure too!

  32. I went in today and it was a common question and an associate did confirm i can use my Kohls cash a week after its expired.

    1. That – I am not sure. I haven’t dealt with digital expired Kohl’s cash. You may want to call and talk directly to a CS rep and ask them if you can bring the email in-store (does it have an expiration date?) since you do not have the paper cash. Let me know how it works out!

      1. I always take a screenshot of my digital cash. That way, if it expires, I can still go back and use it via the photo saved in my phone!

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