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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew Coffee Maker Review- A Mom’s BFF!!!

Last updated on October 11th, 2019

A Look at the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew 2-Way Coffee Maker (Review)

FACT: Every Mom NEEDS a good coffee maker. AND I’ve found the ONE!
Say hello to the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew your new BFF!

Ah, coffee the elixir of life – well, not really but it’s pretty close to it when you’re a sleep deprived Mombie of 3 soon to be 4 little gremlins, I mean angels.

Bless their hearts, I love them BUT my kids suck the life out of me and coffee is what keeps me functioning on the daily. (Sleep, if you’re out there I miss you!!)

Needless to say it was a dark day in my house, last June (cue all the theatrics – thunder, lightning and despair!) when my ancient, 12 cup coffee maker broke, I was devastated.

Sniffling, I tossed old Joe in the trash and then quickly ran to my computer to find his replacement (sorry Joe!) That’s when I stumbled upon the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew coffee maker.

This post contains affiliate links. It is no way sponsored or endorsed by K-Cups or Hamilton Beach. All opinions are my own.

At that point in time I was still turning my nose up at the idea of the single cup/serve coffee makers. This Mama NEEDED a pot of coffee, not a measly little cup and K-Cups are expensive! Even considering a single cup coffee maker was blasphemy in my eyes.

It’d been so long since I actually shopped for a coffee maker that I had no clue that there was another option – the 2-in-1 or 2-Way full coffee pot AND single serve option.

Tired and irritable from lack of coffee, I sat and scrolled through a plethora of the finest coffee brewing devices/options that Amazon had to offer.

That’s when I saw it, the Flexbrew.

I sat there, pondering to myself – would it be so bad to have the option of a single serve side? Could I truly have the best of both worlds? Would I even use the single serve option? (Spoiler – Yes, Yes to all of the above)

After hours of comparison shopping, weighing the pros and the cons and reading a ton of reviews I decided to go for it! The thing that really sold me on the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew was the option to not only use K-Cups or Single-Serve Pods but that the single serve side was also compatible with ground coffee and came with a reusable basket for loose coffee.

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It wasn’t forcing me to go out and buy K-Cups to be able to use the single server side and I really appreciated that option.

Long story short, I added it to my cart and now, one year later I can not imagine my life without the option to make a full 12-cup pot of coffee or a quick single serve cup to take on the go!

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Hamilton Beach Flexbrew (model: 49976) Features That Sold Me!

  • PRICE: The Flexbrew is not the cheapest coffee maker on the market but, when you take into consideration that it is a 2-in-1 option with multiple features it balances out. If you were to go buy a decent, single serve coffee maker and then separate full pot coffee maker for large gatherings, etc. You would end up spending about the same and most likely more with the added inconvenience of 2 appliances.
  • 12-CUP CARAFE SIDE: Features programmable timer, auto pause and serve and 2-hour auto shutoff on the hot plate. The one thing that irritates me about the auto shutoff is that there is not an indicator that it has turned off – no sound, light off or anything.
  • SINGLE-SERVE SIDE: K-CUPS OR LOOSE GROUND COFFEE Comes with interchangeable pod holder and a single-serve grounds basket. Fits all K-Cups. It also comes with a cup rest that can be used as a storage area for the pod holder or single-serve ground basket when not in use so you don’t have parts floating around. The Pod-piercing needle comes right out and is easy to.
    1. Brew time for the single serve side is about 3 minutes. It is a little longer than traditional mainstream brands. The reason it takes a little longer is because it only heats the water when you actually brew the coffee – saving energy. So, the extra minute or two really isn’t a big deal for me.
    2. The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew single server side can brew up to 14oz. They recommend 10oz of water max when using K-Cup pods – I find that if you select the bold brewing option that 14oz is fine when using the pods.
    3. Brew into a traditional coffee mug or you can use a travel mug up to 8in tall.
    4. The single-serve grounds basket is compatible with Melitta #1 small paper filters. I could not find these in-store, granted I only checked Walmart and Kroger so I had to order them online. Also, I find them more annoying than convenient. It’s easier to just clean the basket out.

For those of you wondering how big/bulky it actually is the dimensions are as follows (inches): 13.9 H x 10.24 W x 10.63 D.

My Overall Thoughts on the Flexbrew

After over a year of daily use – okay, multiple times a day use I still LOVE the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew!

It has made life so much easier and despite the few things I am not fond of, size/bulkiness and no auto shutoff indicator I’d buy it again.

I have been converted to a single-cup brew lover and use the single-server side for many things now, not only coffee. It has turned into my go-to method for heating up hot water for things like oatmeal, tea and even for recipes when they call for it.

In the winter we use the carafe side more and when we have family over for parties or dinners it’s nice having the option to make a large pot of coffee and not have to hand out 15 K-Cups and make everyone wait for their individual coffees.

As far as wear and tear goes I have had no issues, besides cosmetic and that’s with the words ‘Brew Now’ fading away from pushing the button too much – ha!

It does come with a 1 year limited-warranty though so if you do have issues Hamilton Beach will fix it.

If you’re looking for a multi-purpose coffee maker that won’t break the bank then I highly recommend getting the Hamilton Beach Flexbrew! You won’t be disappointed!

As a Mom a reliable coffee maker is a must! The Hamilton Beach Flexbrew is everything you ever needed! Perfect for sleep deprived Moms - Full Review #bestcoffeemaker #coffee #Kitchen


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