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Super Cute, Stick On Gel Nails That Lasted 3 Weeks! (Kiss Impress Press On Nails Review)

As an adult there’s something cheesy about buying press on/stick on fake nails for yourself. I mean just the term “press on nails” or “stick on nails” makes me think of cheap, worthless, crap when it comes to fake nails.

Which, honestly, is exactly what I thought when I first saw came across Kiss Impress Press On Nails, on store shelves “cute – but cheap, crap”.

I was extremely skeptical and it took me a couple trips to the store before I actually bought them. I’d go and look, pick up a set – put it back and repeated this process for 3 weeks and my husband was like why don’t you just try them!!

Seeing the Impress press on nails was invoking a sense of nostalgia for me – and not in the usual happy way. Plus, I hate wasting money, even $5 bucks and that’s exactly what I felt like I was going to do purchasing them. But, in the end I took the plunge….

It’s been five weeks since I bought my first pair of Impress nails, I am only on my second pair in this time and my mind is blown!

“Cute, long-lasting, and affordable” is what I am telling all my friends, while running to the nail section to show them. These are definitely not the stick on nails I had growing up in the 90’s and that’s a GREAT thing!

Let’s go back to 1998 to a 12 year old me out shopping with my Mother at a local drugstore. I’m oogling the beauty section dreaming of the day when I can finally wear makeup and look like a real adult.

Browsing the forbidden goodies of womanhood I land at the end of the aisle – the fake nail section.

Looking down at my chewed up finger nails and peeling cuticles I yearned for pretty, long nails. A quick “Hey mom can I get some glue on nails?” shot out of my mouth and an even faster “No.” Came out of hers.

Huffing in annoyance I spy what I believe to be a compromise – the press on nails. After some haggling, begging and promising to do all the sweeping for a week I was given the okay to buy them. Thinking I had won – thinking I was victorious (oh to be naive) I got my nails went home put them on … AND they all fell off within an hour and I spent a whole week of sweeping them up from random places all over my house.

That’s what I remember of press on nails in the 90’s.

Thanks to the crappy stick on nails of my youth, my expectation for the Kiss Impress nails was pretty much set at a 0.

But, after wearing one pair for THREE weeks – I am SOLD!

These press on nails LASTED 3 WEEKS!! Cute, affordable and classy looking Kiss IMPRESS Gel press on manicure is sure to keep your hands looking great and your wallet happy!



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