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36 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Small Kitchens

36 Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets For Small Kitchens

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019

Does your Small Kitchen have you feeling down?

Well, perk that chin right up because there’s hope for us, small kitchen owners!

With space-saving kitchen gadgets picking up in popularity companies are starting to think “compact”. Which means you no longer have to live with a bare minimum kitchen!

Cooking, cleaning and just plan moving can be a pain when you are working in a small kitchen space. Trying to find room in your cabinets and drawers for all your nifty little kitchen gadgets can seem near impossible.

Storage can be an absolute nightmare for small kitchen owners and often leads to a lack of equipment. It’s easier to not buy that bulky cheese grater compared to trying to Tetris it in your cabinet.

Plus, when it comes down to a colander vs room for your dinner plates, you’re going to go dinner plates.

Picking the Right Kitchen Gadgets Can Make All The Difference!


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Think space-saving! You want collapsible, nestable and hangable products that free up space for those big kitchen items that just can’t be shrunk. Once you start looking you’d be surprised what you can find like this collapsible Tea Kettle, who knew!

Some of my favorite small kitchen products are produced by Joseph Joseph I love their nesting products! A couple of my favorites are a, b and c.

There are also several organizing options for small kitchens, adding a simple over the cabinet holder to hold your baking sheets can free up a ton of space.

Long story short, if you love cooking don’t let a small kitchen stop you from having all the awesome little kitchen gadgets and doodads that your heart desires.


Ready to go from the bare minimum to fully stocked? Check out these 36 Kitchen Gadgets Perfect For Small Kitchens.
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