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Real, Non-Affiliate MyThemeShop Review! Seriously Don’t Do It! Read This First

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

Over the past 3 weeks I have been on the hunt for a Product Review Plugin to add to my amazing theme that would make writing product reviews super easy.

I did a ton of research, compared different review plugins for WordPress and scrutinized each ones options. I ended up downloading several plugins that offered lite or free version before I made my final decision – WP Review Pro by MyThemeShop.

WP Review Pro had every feature I wanted, a ton of customization options and the free, limited version worked great during my test runs. At $67 plus an additional $47 yearly fee I did not make this decision lightly as that’s a pretty hefty fee for a plugin, in my opinion.

I assumed it was going to be GREAT… Well, you know what they say about making assumptions right? (When you assume you make an ‘ass’ out of ‘u’ and ‘me’.)

Let’s just say things did not work out as planned.

First thing I did was ASSUME that all the amazing MyThemeShop reviews were legit – all the product recs, and comparisons shining brighter than the sun through a web were trustworthy – a web of lies is what I found.

You want to know why MyThemeShop reviews are so amazing and their products are in pretty much every “Top 5” list – THEY PAY 55% COMMISSION PER SALE. 


Let’s look at my plugin really quick – WP Review Pro at $67, if I click on it from a blog or comparison website the author would get what? $36.85 per sale.

That’s some motivation to sell, sell sell. After all the author does not have to deal with any issues you may have along the way. Such garbage. And this is exactly why I wanted to make a REAL review website – not one that just wants to scam you to line their pockets…

Okay, back on track.

Before I really dive into this, I want to clarify this is not just an “angry customer” review of MyThemeShop this is an honest look at their HORRIBLE customer support. Not only did they put me a week behind, but they broke one persons website who was having the exact same problem as me – and it took them 3 days to respond/help, the owner of the website left them 5 messages before any correspondence was given back.

I also saw a ticket from Jan 31 that has gone unaddressed. It appears that a main feature of WP Review Pro -Google Rich Snippets is broken and they have known about it for over 3 months now. The ticket has not been updated by the support team since March even though the person who submitted the ticket has asked about it repeatedly, and even as recent as April 12th with no response from MyThemeShop team.

Which is pretty upsetting as the rich snippets with star ratings is one of the reason I bought this plugin for it’s Schema options.

The point of me telling you all this is just to say that my case does not APPEAR to be an isolated incident with their support team.

Also – this is not a review of WP Review Pro itself or of their other themes or plugins. I can not comment on it as I was never able to fully use it.

This review of MyThemeShop is solely based on the lack of support, that they boost is 365 24×7.

Let’s Dive in!

MyThemeShop Review & Experience

MyThemeShop’s main support area is in a forum setting, which is great – it allows you to see if other people are having the same problem and how MyThemeShop is handling it. It also let’s you see how they are NOT handling it. (Note: They do offer email support as a secondary option. To be fair to MyThemeShop, I can not be certain that other peoples issues have not been addressed via email)

But here’s what I saw pertaining to my plugin – WP Review Pro. Three people (including myself) in the same week having an issue with the paid features not showing up after install.

Here’s what happened:

Monday 4/8/19: Purchased WP Review Pro –

I installed the pro version of the plugin onto my WordPress website and noticed half of the options missing. Thinking it was an error on my part I uninstalled, reinstalled etc. After that did not work I contacted support via the forum. They asked for me to give them login access to my website. I’m not even 30 minutes into the purchase and the plugin is broken and they need access to my site.. eh.

I started thinking that this whole thing was a bad omen, a sign that I needed to walk away – the plugin didn’t work out the gate and seeing that it was an issue for several people I questioned whether the MyThemeShop actually tested their products. They offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and for $67 and issues already I decided to just go ahead and get a refund and end it all here…. and I wish that is where this ends – but it isn’t.

Tuesday 4/9-4/10: FIRST Refund Issued & Research

The one good thing I am going to say about MyThemeShop email support is that they issued my refund with zero issues, the very next day. They did not drag it out, and I was very thankful for that.

I spent Tuesday and Wednesday trying to find a replacement product review plugin that I felt compared to WP Review Pro’s “promised” features and nothing compared.

You know when you just want something to work really, really bad and then you start questioning if you didn’t give it a chance, if you were too hasty, if you passed judgment too quickly? That feeling? Well, I started to doubt myself and thought “Maybe I should have let them look at my website, maybe the plugin not working was really just a small glitch – I’ve been too rash.”

So you know what I did? Repurchased WP Review Pro. 🤦‍♀️


Thursday 4/11: Bought WP Review Pro For The SECOND time

Woke up Thursday ready to give MyThemeShop and WP Review Pro a second chance, purchased, re-downloaded and … same issue.

Went straight to support (8:30am), gave MyThemeShop Admin access to my website and hoped for the best. Around this time I was also following another ticket for someone else who was having the exact same issue – Will get to that in a moment.

At 2:55pm they said that the login info I gave them did not work and requested a new password. Not sure why it wasn’t working and found that odd but went ahead and generated a new one.

Friday 4/12

8:13am Resubmitted login data and waited to hear something.

And waited….

Nothing all day.

I went back to the forum to check on the other persons ticket who I am going to call “Bob” to see that their website had been broken after giving MyThemeShop access to their FTP files and the person asked repeatedly for help. No response from support.

Went to bed with nothing on my end either.

Saturday 4/13

10am ish Still no update on my ticket, went in and asked for any news as it had been 24 hours and they hadn’t even acknowledged that my updated login info worked or had been received.

Checked Bob’s ticket and they also had not received any acknowledgment at all about the broken FTP and website crash.

At this point I am thinking that’s pretty shitty – excuse my language but this persons website actually went down after MyThemeShop went in and “fixed” stuff and they couldn’t even bother to respond to them. I also started to question why I bough this thing again and thought that I was stupid for not going with my gut instinct.

I waited ALL DAY Saturday for a response, checked in on mine and Bob’s ticket 4-5 times through out the day and NOTHING on either ticket and poor Bob’s was obviously urgent.

Sunday 4/14

You guessed it nothing for me or Bob. And after really diving into all the CS tickets to even for some of their other plugins and the fact that it seemed like the star ratings visibility issue was still not resolved from January and a 22 day lapse in response on the ticket told me I just need to cute my loses.

Again, I requested a refund and woke up this morning 4/15 and it was issued. I did notice before they cut my access to the premium plugin forum that someone finally responded on Sunday night (after I said I was just going to request a refund) saying something to the effect of their development team was working on it and these things take time.

Okay? Well – why couldn’t you have told me that when I had asked for an update 30 hours ago? Or the day before when I resubmitted my information.

Maybe they are “working” on things to fix but the lack of communication is not acceptable. Most of us use our websites daily, have dedicated readers and need to be kept in the loop when a main feature like a review plugin – on a review website is not working.

I would have waited, I actually would have been fine to see if they could fix it if I was just kept in the loop. You can’t break peoples websites and not say a word for DAYS. You can’t just ignore people for days on end with no info and expect to keep happy customers.

I am so glad that I was still in the 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee It would have sucked to be stuck and have no other option but to wait – who knows how long for some kind of response or fix.

I really wish my experience with MyThemeShop was different, I really wanted to use WP Review Pro, I mean I bought it TWICE! – I was ready to pay the yearly fee and enjoy the plugin and support the company.

Sometimes a simple “Hey – we haven’t forgotten about you” (especially when the costumer asks what’s going on) goes a long way. If you’re going to say you have 24×7 support then have 24×7 support.

I don’t know if Bob got the issues resolve – I hope they did. And I hope that the Star Ratings get fixed for those who are counting on this plugin to help index their site. But, as for me I am done.

I went and bought a $29 review plugin with no annual fee (seen below) from one of my favorite marketplaces and that’s what I’ll use, for now.

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