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How To Make Money (SAHM Jobs) 175+ Ways To Work From Home

How To Make Money (SAHM Jobs) 175+ Ways To Work From Home

Last updated on March 23rd, 2019

How To Make Money As A SAHM

Being a SAHM is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’ve been considering it don’t let money stop you.

I’ve been SAHM or work at home Mom for 6 years now.

So, if you’ve been wondering if it is actually possible to make money and stay at home, I am proof that it absolutely is!

There are a ton of great SAHM jobs on the market and plenty of ways to work from home. You just have to know where to find them.

Which is what inspired me to write this post. One of the most popular problems I see and read bout in my baby group forums deals with How to make money and be a SAHM.

These are new and even second, third-time Moms, who want to transition out of the workforce and change to SAHM status,  but just can’t afford to go one income. I can empathize with them completely and I am always one of the first people to comment on a thread like this.

I love being able to say “Hey! I work from home and I get to be a SAHM. My job is flexible, non-phone and it pays there are a ton of ways to work from home!” NO – I do not work in direct sales! I work a legitimate W-2 paying job with no schedule, and it’s great!

A Brief Blurb About My SHAM Work At Home Life

In 2011 I get pregnant with our first child, Jade. I could not stand the idea of putting her in daycare so I decided to start researching how to make money from home. My significant other did not make enough money alone for me to be a full-time SAHM. In order for me to make my dream of being a SAHM a reality I knew I had to find a way to work from home.

So, that’s what I did. Around 6 months pregnant with Jade I started researching how to make money and different ways to work from home. It took me about 3-4 months to find something that fit me, and I am still doing that same thing today, 6 years and 2 kids later.

I needed a job with no phone, no set schedule and tons of flexibility. I found that in Search Engine Evaluation.

175+ Ways To Work From Home

Below you’ll find several options and over 175 companies that hire remotely that do no require the use of a phone. If you have ANY questions at all send me an email! I’d love to help, no question is silly. Best of luck on your job search, I know you’ll land a great one soon!

Check back often as the list will update as new opportunities arise. If you have experience with any of these companies (good or bad), please share it in the comments below.


A few of the links are referrals to specific companies that I use personally.

I try and make sure that all Work At Home opportunities listed on this blog are legit, but even with screening, I am liable to error. If you see something that you feel is a scam please contact me right away.

17 Companies That Hire Email And Chat Agents – No Phone

If you like customer service, but can’t use a phone then a live chat/email agent may be perfect for you. You will need to have above par skills in the grammar and spelling department. As well as the ability to type fast and communicate clearly and concisely through text. It is important to remain professional at all times as it is easy to misconstrue tone/attitude via chat.

#1 Live Sales Staff Offers online chat positions as a customer service agent. If you want to apply you need to email a resume to their HR department and contact them via their online chat.

#2 LiveWorld Prefers 1-2 years of experience in online moderation or customer service. Their customer service agent position is part time, hourly.

#3 Needle No experience required, you just need to be an “expert” on your chosen brand. No set schedule, chat when you want.

#4 Apple Offers a couple work at home positions. One is for an At Home Advisor and deals in tech support, they want a minimum of 2 years experience dealing in tech. The second one they offer at times is as an iTunes chat rep.  The last one is just for college students search “Applecare College Program”

#4 Weebly Hires people from time to time doing customer chat support from home. Most of their at home positions are posted on flex jobs.

#5 Presto Experts No experience needed, it’s similar to needle in that you put down your expertise and chat about what you know. You can have any specialty, you create a profile and wait for people to ask you questions.

#6 Arise Open to US, UK and Canada, to contract through them you will need to “open a business” and be incorporated. Some clients offer exclusive chat-based customer service opportunities. Pay is rumored to be good, but you are starting your own at home business.

#7 SiteStaff Hires Chat Hosts, you must type 65+ wpm be able to handle 3 to 4 open windows at a time.

#8 Uber Occasionally hires people to work from home answering emails for their customer service department.

#9 Sedgwick  Open to US and Canada, also hires email support reps on occasion.

#10 MyLivePro No experience required, US only. You have to take a test if you pass you then move onto a phone interview.

#11 Capital Typing Offers customer service positions that deal in email support as well as chat. They also have several other WAH opportunities doing data entry, transcription and a few others.

#12 Quick Schools Check Indeed or Flexjobs for their at home chat position. 

#13 OkCupid Hires email support reps to work from home.

#14 World Wide Web Hosting Appears to hire Worldwide, US workers are considered employees with considerable benefits. You need to be knowledgeable in web hosting.

#15 Metaverse Mod Squad Offers WAH customer service chat jobs from time to time, as well as several other WAH positions. Pay starts at $8, you do not need to have experience to work for them.

#16 Site5  Hires for at home chat/email support. You need to have an extensive background in web hosting and be able to troubleshoot with Cpanel and other software. (Note it appears they may use World Wide Web Hosting to hire now, their career page will redirect you to WWWH)

#17 Talk2Rep Hires chat agents. Experience is a plus, you must type a minimum of 50 wpm.

11 Work At Home Community Manager/Moderator Jobs – No Phone

If you enjoy being on social media and or have experience participating in forums, working from home as a Community Moderator may be perfect for you.

If you’re new to the concept of moderation your job would be to protect a brand, community, and the people in it from different factors. Hate speech, slurs, profanity, adult content etc. You may review images, videos, and comments.

You also may be responsible for posting new and engaging content, answering customer questions and planning campaigns to bring in more traffic.

#1 Kamcord Is a newer company that lets user stream live videos from their phone. They hire for a remote content editors as well as community moderators. Check their job page under the community listing.

#2 eModeration Hired for community mangers, social media managers and user generated content moderators. They prefer you have experience and or have completed a paid course with moderation gateway.

#3 ICUC They are looking for community moderates that are multi-lingual, though it is not required. They also prefer that you have completed the paid course with moderation gateway.

#4 99 Dollar Social  Hires for Social Media Content Specialists. You are paid per account, they ask for a minimum of 10 accounts which says it’s about 3.5 hours a week. You are not limited to how many accounts you can take on. They also require 6-7 hours of online training as well as conference calls before you can work. It does not say if the training is paid.

#5 Lithium Prefers experience, if you don’t have any you can still apply.

#6 Live World You must have excellent written skills, you are scheduled for chunks of time and they require night, weekend and holiday work.

#7 Hires mods to review content.

#8 Yelp Hires community managers to moderator reviews. You may have to live near/in the city on the job listing. Search their community section for open positions.

#9 BabyCenter Hires contractors to review content. It helps if you’ve been an active member of their community and are a pare

#10 Crisp Thinking Hires Social Media mods. They work will all forms of social media.

#11 Metaverse Mod Squad This is part time, they say “keep your day job” they are looking for people who want to work nights and stay at home parents.

  13 Data Entry Jobs From Home – No Phone

Data Entry is a great non-phone job to start your SAHM journey. The work is flexible, with little to no set schedule and it usually pays per-piece. If you are able to type fast you can average a decent hourly wage doing this.  Though, I do want to warn you that some companies are stringent about speed and constancy. So, it can be challenging to work when your peanut is awake.

#1 Clickworker  Has data entry tasks available, pay is per item done. You have to take a couple assessments before they will give you work but they are pretty easy. Pay is weekly.

#2  The Smart Crowd  A placement evaluation is required before you can start any work, they judge you on your score and it will determine the amount of work you get. Pay is meh, it’s more so work for when you have free time and nothing else to do.

#3  Xerox Strict location based data entry position. They do offer positions all over, so it’s worth seeing it they are hiring in your area. You may need to work on site for a set amount of time before you’re allowed to work exclusively from home.

#4  Amazon  MTurk  Some HITs are for short data entry tasks.

#5  Dion Data  Hires part time contract vendors to do date entry from home.

#6  SigTrack Temp positions for US residents, you must have a valid drivers license and live in the US. They require a Skype call to verify your identity. Strict quota, you must reach 10,000 tags and be 98% accurate at your 30 day mark or they let you go. Work tends to be seasonal.(I worked with them over the summer and was very happy with my experience. Review to come at a later date)

#7  Red Vision  Bookmark their careers section and check in on them to snag a data entry position here.

#8 Microworkers  Offers tasks types of jobs, some of which are data entry.

#9  Great American Opportunities  Application process is usually in January. You must send an email to [email protected] with your full name, address and phone number. You are required to take a test, it’s pretty hard to pass. (I failed) The will email with a testing date. The work is seasonal.

#10  Cass Information Systems Another location-based data entry position. You do have to train at their facility before you can work from home.

#11 Axion Data Rarely hiring, but worth putting your info in on the wait-list. You are an IC and responsible for your own taxes.

#12 iBridge Also an extremely rare hire, you can fill out the form and keep your fingers crossed that you hear back.

#13 Capital Typing Offers data entry positions. They also have several other WAH opportunities customer service, transcription, and a few others.

21 Companies Hiring Work From Home Editors and Proofreaders

If you have a talent with writing you may love editing and proofreading. It is a great work at home job, as it allows for a flexible schedule and the freedom to work anywhere. You’re expected to have top notch skills within the grammar department and an eye for detail.

If you can land an editing gig it’s a great way to make money and stay at home.

#1 Grammar Chic Email your resume/cv to apply. You will have to provide sample work before you are hired. They do not require a degree, but it is preferred.

#2 AppleInsider Has openings from time to time for work at home editors.

#3 Academic English Editing Their website says they are always hiring, you need to send an email to request an application.

#4 Student Loan Hero Hires for digital editors as well as remote content writers.

#5 IXL Learning Requires a degree in English, creative writing or a related field.

#6 American Journal Experts You must be obtaining your graduate or already have a graduate degree. They have very specific categories and you must be knowledgeable in the specialty you choose.

#7 Pure Content They take writers and editors, they do not list any requirements may take entry level.

#8 Resume Edge You must have previous experience in resume writing/editing.

#9 Book in a Box You can choose to sign up for their job notifications for either full time or freelancer. They seem to only email their jobs out and do not post them on their website.

#10 LifeTips Application process seems pretty easy, they do not list any requirements for the position. May accept entry-level editors.

#11 Cactus Communications You must have a PhD and they prefer experienced editors.

#12 WordsRU Minimum of a Masters degree and two years experience.

#13 Domainite You have to take an editing test and submit it with your application, seems like you do not have previous experience.

#14 Proofread Now Requires Adobe Acrobat Professional.

#15 Edit Fast You must have a degree and past experience in editing or proofreading.

#16 Gramlee You need to send an email in to apply, including 5 questions answered. It doesn’t say you need experience or that they require a degree. They want people who are grammar “fanatics”.

#17 EnVertias Group Hires globally and though they prefer experience, it is not required.

#18 Kirkus Media You must have previous experience to work as an editor and pass a test.

#19 Proofreading Services Hires full and part time, does not say they require experience. You do have to take a timed test.

#20 Scribendi Requires a degree and three years experience in editing, writing or proofreading.

#21 Wordfirm Requires a degree and five years practical experience as an editor. It says they often require more than that.

6 Mock Juror Agencies – Side Money

Snag extra income as a mock juror. Review actual legal cases, give your opinion and get paid for your time.

Selection is based on demographics. My suggestion would be to sign up for all of the companies so you don’t miss out on an opportunity. You’ll receive an email when new cases are available to you and you decided whether or not you want to participate.

#1 eJury  Pay $5-$10, varies depending on the case length. Read facts, answer questions and submit your verdict.

#2 Jury Talk They do not state their rate of pay, sign-up is easy enough with a one-page questionnaire.

#3 Online Verdict Pay ranges from $20-60 depending on the case length. Pay is also received via mailed check. They do not require a long-term commitment.

#4 Sign Up Direct Pays a minimum of $100 for one day of work. This may be a full 8 hour day commitment.

#5 Virtual Jury Does not state pay, they do pay via check mailed two weeks after participation.

#6 JuryTest Pay ranges from $5-$50 depending on case length. They pay via check or paypal.

5 Companies Searching For At Home Evaluators

Search Engine Evaluation is a great work at home job for stay at home parents. It’s 100% flexible, no set schedule at all. The TV can be blaring, the kids can be running around screaming their heads off and it doesn’t matter a bit.

Right now, this is my main income, I highly recommend it. You have to pass an “exam” to get in, they give you all the materials you just have to “study”. When I say study I mean it, don’t half-ass it or you won’t get in.  Unfortunately, I had to sign a NDA or I’d dish all the details!

#1 Leapforce Hires for different languages and different locations all over the world. Must pass a three-part exam, if you do not go over the material you will not pass. Offers several different projects, all non-phone.

#2 iSoftStone Hires for Search Engine Analysts, they only post the job on Indeed. They do require you to work 10-25 hours per week, though you can work those hours when you’re available. US only.

#3 Lionbridge (Now The Smart Crowd) Hires for Web Content Assessor, Social Media Assessor, and several other positions.

#4 ZeroChaos Hires for Ads quality raters, they only post the job on career websites such as

#5 Appen Butler Hill Hires for Search Engine Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator and several other work at home opportunities.

38 Work At Home Transcription Jobs

There are a ton of legitimate companies that hire work at home transcribers, this list is only the tip of the iceberg. Openings range from entry level to requiring 5+ years of experience and the pay scale is just as varied.

It is a great non-phone option for a SAHM that is a fast typer and has an excellent grasp of grammar. Most companies offer flexible hours and weekly pay. Some software/equipment is often required at your own expense.


#1 Scribie  Worldwide. No experience Required. Pays $10 per audio. Newbie friendly, signing up for an account is easy and they even offer a sample/practice section.

#2 Perfect Transcription US and Canada. Medical Transcription. Requires 3 years of experience, 2 of those years in a specialty.

#3 Landmark Associates US only. Experienced transcribers.

#4 Ubiqus US only. Experience preferred, but not required. Highly recommend that you have a foot pedal and headset before you begin work. Pay is every two weeks.

#5 1-888-Type-It-U US only.They do prefer to hire people with experience, but they are willing to take on new transcribers.

#6 Babble Type No experience required. Pays weekly, no set schedule. You must be a native speaker of your transcription language.

#7 Allegis Transcription Two years of experience required. Also, their website says you must have the ability to produce 100 plus transcription pages withing 8-10 hours.

#8 Tigerfish US only. No experience required. Requires 3 sample/test transcriptions to submit an application.

#9  Take 1 Transcription Experience required, though I think if you pass their test you may be about to get in. Requires a dedicated 20 hours per week. Deals in TV transcription.

#10 Casting Words Pays via PayPal every Friday and they pay the transfer fee.

#11 X-Press Transcription – US only. Medical transcription. Requires a specialty in radiology with at least two years experience.

#12 Quicktate No experience required. Work whenever you’d like, no set schedule.

#13 TranscribeMe Worldwide. No experience required. This company offers opportunities for advancement! With pay raises as you move up. Sign up is easy, you get instant access to the exam and dashboard. Pays via paypal, weekly.

#14 A & P Transcription US only. Requires one year of transcription experience.

#15 Hollywood Transcriptions No experience required. Requires 65 wpm, digital foot pedal and transcription software. It does say you do not have to purchase them until you’re hired.

#16 Voxtab US, UK and Australia. Minimum of 5 years experience.

#17 Transcribe Team Worldwide. No experience required. Their website states the average earnings are around $132 a month, so low. If you’re trying to gain experience it may be of some use though.

#18 AccuTran Global US and Canada. No experience required. Must type 70 wpm, work is only available between specific hours. Recommends a foot pedal but not required.

#19 StenTel US only. Medical transcription with a minimum of two years experience required. Must be certified.

#20 M Modal  Medical transcription. One year of experience or recent graduate of an AHDI certificate program. You must have experience in Acute Care, Oncology, Radiology, or Multi-specialty clinic or ER

#21 Get Transcribed No experience required. Must email to apply for the job, it says a resume is not necessary. There is a minimum pay out of $100.

#22 Birch Creek Communications No experience required. Has a lot of software requirements, though they say you can get them all for free. Make sure you read the list before you apply.

#23 Orion Transcription US only. Experience required, their website says you need two years of experience OUTSIDE of transcription certification.

#24 Go Transcript Worldwide. No experience required. Weekly pay via pay pal, seems low in pay with an average earning per month at $150. It doesn’t state how many audio hours it takes to reach that either.

#25 GMR Transcription Hires general transcription and medical trascriptionist (scroll down the page). You must have a gmail or Facebook account and take a quiz as the first part of their app process.

#26 Neal R. Gross & Co. US only. No experience required.Night based transcription job only. You have to commit 30 hours a week, does not state pay.

#27 Transcription Hub No experience required. Like most of the other companies, you have to take a qualification exam. From what I can find hours available for work are a little different for this company. They have a “maximum pickup limit”z

#28 Speechpad No experience required. Instant access to a dashboard with available jobs. You must complete a qualifying “quiz” before you can accept any of the jobs.

#29 Cyber Dictate US only. Minimum of 3 full years legal experience with a typing speed of 85 wpm.

#30 Fantastic Transcripts US only. Experienced transcribers, you set your audio hour rate.

#31  Worldwide. No experience Required. You will need to do a few sample transcriptions before you’re hired.

#32 Same Day Transcriptions US only. Experience required, background in interview transcription and research helpful. Also looking for people that have worked in healthcare services.

#33 At Home Typing Service US only. Five years of experience required. Starting out pay is $35 per audio hour.

#34 Athreon US and Canada. Medical Transcription, requires 2 years of Experience. It does say they will take you if you’re a graduate of an AHDI approved school.

#35 Cambridge Transcription Experience required in legal or corporate transcription.

#36 Eight Crossing Medical transcription. Requires 2 years experience and the ability to process a 1,000 lines per scheduled day.

#37 Expedict Experience required. Must email resume, it says that if you have poor grammar or spelling mistakes in your email they will ignore you. Make sure you grammar is on point.

#38 OutSec Worldwide. Requires two years of experience with a specialty in property, legal, medical, financial or interviews.

28 Companies Looking For Tutors

If you have a background in education and are looking for a work at home job, online tutoring may be the right position for you. Help children and adults master their subjects or even learn a new language.

#1 Panda Tree – US and Canada. Requires a minimum of a 4 year degree. Looking for Spanish and Mandarin tutors. You must be willing to commit 9+ months to working with them.

#2 VIPKid Requires a 4 year degree in any field. A minimum commitment of 7.5 hours a week for 6 months. Pays upwards of $22 an hour.

#3 Tutor Vista Post graduate in your subject required, along with a 4 hour a day minimum commitment.

#4 Berlitz No degree required, must commit a year and be willing to teach adults and children. ESL tutoring.

#5 EduWizards Requires a bachelor’s degree, it does not say it has to be in education. You set your hours, rate of pay and pick which subjects you want to tutor.

#6 Magoosh Answer questions regarding test prep. They also offer other remote opportunities such as a LSAT Blogger.

#7 Cambly No degree or experience required. Pay is every Monday via paypal and is $10.20 an hour(pays .17 cents a minute). ESL tutoring

#8 English Hunt Does not require a degree to tutor via phone. If you want to do the video tutoring they do require a teaching degree. ESL tutoring.

#9 Elevate Learning Does not state that they require a degree for their Online Instructor position. They do offer another remote opportunity as an Academic Performance Manager that requires previous teaching experience.

#10 eNotes Does not say that they require a degree. You answer questions posted and earn money based on your rank and how much the student bids to get an answer.

#11 Instructional Connections Requires a degree, offers tutoring in several different areas from medical, business to your “traditional” help.

#12 Homework Tutoring Does not list a degree as a requirement. Looking for tutors for law, history and engineering.

#13 Aim4A Requires a bachelors degree. K-12 all subjects tutoring.

#14 Edgenuity Requires a minimum of a bachelors degree, prefers masters. Has several education related remote positions available.

#15 Credo Tutoring Solutions Requires a teaching degree.

#16 iTutorGroup Requires TESOL/TEFL Certification (or willingness to obtain it). You must pass a test and record a video telling them why you’re a good fit for the job. ESL tutoring.

#17 Chegg Tutors No degree required. Weekly pay, pick from your favorite subjects/expertise.

#18 Rosetta Stone Requires a degree. Looks for tutors in multiple languages. ESL tutoring.

#19 TutaPoint Requires a degree in education, with two years experience in tutoring.

#20 Limu No degree required, it even says they accept hobbyists as long as you’re an expert in your area. You pick your fee per session, Limu takes a percentage of it.

#21 Language Development System Requires a 4 year college degree, or close to completion(it appears to not matter which major, though it says teaching is preferred but not required). You must be hardwired to a modem, you can not use wifi. ESL tutoring.

#22 US and Canada. Requires that you’re a sophomore in college or higher, or you can have a 4 year degree. Need to be able to commit 5 hours a week.

#23 LearnLight Requires a minimum of two years language teaching experience with a degree. A webcam, and at least 10 mbps internet speed. ESL tutoring.

#24 WebTeach It does not say you need a degree to tutor on webteach. You set your own rates, hours and they take 30% of your revenue.

#25 Golden Voice English Requires 3 years of previous teaching/tutor experience. Offers flexible hours and competitive wages. ESL tutoring.

#26 WyzAnt No degree required, minimum age is 18. You set your rate of pay, find students, and set your own schedule.

#27 Prep Now Requires a bachelors degree and two years of teaching or tutoring experience. Plus a composite 28 on the ACT or a 650 on the SAT Math and SAT Verbal/CR. Minimum 6 hour a week commitment.

#28 Revolution Prep Requires a score above the 95th percentile, 2100 on the SAT or 32 on the ACT to even be considered for the job.

8 Companies That Pay You To Test Websites & Apps – Side Money

You will need to download a screen recorder for some of the companies and have a headset with a microphone or a computer with a built-in microphone. They do NOT film your face. Your job is to basically “test” websites and apps. They want YOUR honest feedback, you’ll get small task questions. Example: “What do you think the purpose of this website is?” you have to talk out loud and share your thoughts. That’s basically it. Easy, extra cash that is actually worth the time you put in!

#1What Users Do Pays $8 per test.

#2 User Testing Pays $10 per 15-20 minutes test. They have short tests which pay $3 for 5 minutes of your time. You can also participate in studies that will pay up to $100.

#3 TryMyUI Pays $10 per test.

#4 uTest You must create a full uTest profile to get access to paying jobs.

#5  Erli Bird Pays $10-$15 per beta test.

#6 StartUp Lift Pays $5 per completed tests. Be aware that your submission can be rejected and if it is you don’t get paid.

#7 Userlytics Pays $10+ per test depending on the nature of the test. They usually email you with new tests. I haven’t had anything from them in a while, but that may be due to my demographics. It’s worth signing up to check it out.

#8 Enroll This one is just a fun little extra. I haven’t had any tests from them in a long time. They claim to email when a new one is available. Pay varies from $0.10 – $2.00. These tests only take 30 seconds to 3 minutes and do not require the use of a microphone.

43 Freelance Writing Jobs From Home

Flexibility is often an important factor when considering SAHM jobs and it’s first word that comes to mind when I think about freelance writing. BeAll you need is a creative side and a good grasp of grammar and punctuation to start a profitable career.

#1 Hubpages Worldwide. No experience required. Create any article you’d like and monetize. Hubpages provides you with all the resources to get started. This is a great place to start a portfolio/sample articles. Instead of letting them sit you have potential income and references for potential jobs.

#2 Fiverr Worlwide. No Experience required. Is a good place to start with creating your own writing service. Maybe you’re good and coming up with slogans, or short articles. You can also offer editing/proofreading etc. Really you can offer anything you want. It is slow starting out, so don’t plan on using it to make instant cash. It’s kind of like set it and forget it. You get email notifications when someone orders or has a question.

#3 Upwork No experience required. Freelance website that offers writing jobs. Clients post what they are looking for and you bid on jobs.

#4 Freelancer No experience required. Similar to Upwork. You create an account and bid on jobs, employers can also find you.

#5 WriterAccess US Only. No Experience required. Pay starts at 1.4 cents per word and increases from there. It looks like they offer advancement and even hourly positions. They offer company training in the form of webinars and podcasts.

#6 BlogMutt No experience required. Pay is a straight $8 per 250+ word article. You submit it to the blog you choose and they have the option to accept or reject it. It it gets accepted you get paid. You’re considered a ghostwriter.

#7 Article Document US only. No experience required. Says they will give you feed back and help you build your brand.

#8 iWriter No experience required. Pays weekly and offers several different types of writing projects.

#9 ghostBloggers US only. No experience required. You write an article and put it up for sale, you then set the price for the article. You are considered a ghostwriter and your article may or may not sell.

#10 Cracked No experience required. Seems like a really fun writing job that lets you include humor and fluff.

#11 Zerys No experience required. Very extensive FAQ page(which is what I linked to) with strict deadline guidelines.

#12 TextMaster No experience required. Up to 0.15 per word, pays via paypal you must have a minimum of €50 (about $56 US dollars) to cash out.

#13 HireWriters No experience required. Their website says you can make $20 an article once you become established with them. They also offer other jobs dealing in proofreading, article rewriting, research and ideas.

#14 WordGigs US only. No experience required. Pay starts at $4.50 for a standard article of 350-400 words. They do have higher paying jobs available.

#15 Ezdia No experience needed. Articles range in pay out and word length.

#16 Lifehack  No experience needed. Good exposure here if you can get on with them. You get credit for your article and they also have a large social following.

#17 The Hoth No experience required. You do have to be available M-F for regular communication. It does not say a specific time. Requires 20-40+ hour commitment a week.

#18 Listverse No experience required. Pays $100 per accepted list(there’s no guarantee they will buy your list).

#19 Plum Deluxe No experience required, welcome new writers but they do want to see samples. They suggest you set up a blog and write a few sample articles. Pays $30 per article and you get credit. Really, it’s not a bad idea to set up a blog. There are several free options out there, Weebly is a good beginner site.

#20 ProBlogger No experience required(read each job description to be sure). It’s a job bored of companies looking for writers to help with content.

#21 Textbroker No experience required. Content mill with several different writing jobs available.

#22 Red Tricycle No experience required, you do need to be a parent. They take articles about family life and adventure. This one seems fun if you love talking about your kids.

#23 Scripted No experience required. You do have to pass a test. You can set your prices and work directly with clients.

#24 The Penny Hoarder Pays $75 per article OR you can have a link posted back to your website. If you choose to take the $75 you do not get to have a link posted to your website. Finance website, geared toward helping people make extra money. Articles must be 700-900 words.

#25 A List Apart Pays $50 per mini-article, $100 per article, and $200 per feature. Technical website that focuses on web dev, design. Mini articles start at 500 words while the feature is a minimum of 1500.

#26 Pay ranges on what you do for the website articles start at $25 while you can earn $50-$300 for more in-depth tutorials. They are interested in Photoshop related content only.

#27 The Mountain Blog  Pays $50-$75. As the name of the blog suggest they deal in outdoor activities. If you like to hike, camp etc this may be the submission for you.

#28 Submittable  Pay is $50 per article. They accept content on digital media, publishing and even book reviews and essays. Articles should not go over 1000 words, they recommend 600-800.

#29 YourOnline.Biz Pay is $100 per article. They’re looking for tips and tricks to help grow an online business.

#30 The Dollar Stretcher  Pay is $.10 per word, they want articles around 500-700 words so around $50-$70. Finance website focused on saving money.

#31 Pay varies, but seems to start around $50 and goes up from there. They are looking for experts on all different topics.

#32 Cracked Pay starts at $100, if you become a regular then they bump you up to $200. Entertainment website, looking for humor and interesting articles.

#33 How Stuff Works Pay starts at $100+. They are looking for content that, well, explains how stuff works.

#34 Dorkly Pays $35 for a single page and $75 for a multi-page article. They seem to like lists based around anime, cult-classics, Pokemon etc. You can also submit images and get paid.

#35 Matador Pays $40+ per article. They are looking for content that deals with travel.

#36 eCommerce Insiders  Pay starts at $75 and go up to $150 depending on word count. They are looking for articles to help online retailers excel in their business.

#37 The Expiditioner Pay is $30 per article. They are a travel website and are looking for personal stories.

#38 World Start  Pay starts at $15 for 250 and goes up to $35 for 800. Tech website looking for articles that deal with computers.

#39 The Layout Pay starts at $50 and goes up from there. They are looking for articles on WordPress, how-to etc. You can write your own or you can choose a topic off of their list.

#40 TakeLessons  Pay is $50 per article. Education based website that is looking for teachers to write articles on all different subjects/topics.

#41 A Fine Parent Pay is $100 per article. Parenting blog looking for articles that help people become better parents.

#42 Intense Blog Pays $20-$50. Blog that focuses on helping people establish their own blog, with WordPress tips, SEO etc.

#43 Stork Guide Pays $50+ per article. Parenting blog that caters to new Moms. They want guides, how to’s, tips on parenting etc. Minimum of 700 words.

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  1. This is a great list you’ve put together! Another company I’ve worked for, called iScribed, are always on the lookout for new transcriptionists and they’re expanding their services into translations in closed captions. Their website is

  2. Thanks for the tips! I’m a mom of 5 and I need to get to the SAHM life. I work a full time job (graveyard) and it’s too much now. My munchkins need me to fully there instead of half there lol If you don’t mind me asking how much do you make per month doing what you do? How do I look more into it?

    1. I am under an NDA so I can not share pay among other things, but it is relatively decent depending on the cost of living in your area. You can google Lionbridge (the company I work for) and find some info on the web about them. I just can not disclose it as I am an employee that wants to keep her job 🙂 I highly recommend it though!

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