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Search Engine Evaluator: The Best Job For Stay At Home Moms

Search Engine Evaluator: The Best Job For Stay At Home Moms

Last updated on March 22nd, 2019

Over the years I’ve dabbled in just about every work at home job niche there is and I always come back to one, Search Engine Evaluation.

What do Search Engine Evaluators do? In short, we evaluate web results and help improve search engine results.

For example, if you go to a search engine and type in “birthday party ideas for kids” you expect to get results pertaining to just that.

You would not expect to get results about bachelorette parties. As a Search Engine Evaluator, your jobs is to make sure that the returned results are relevant to what the user wants. i.e. birthday party ideas for kids.

This job is all about relevancy and what is helpful for the person on the other end.

Why Search Engine Evaluation is the BEST Stay At Home Mom Job

Search Engine Evaluation is 100% FLEXIBLE

There’s NO set schedule

It’s Non-phone

The pay is great for an at home job

It lets me stay home with my children

What more can a Mom ask for?

I have worked as a Search Engine Evaluator since 2012 and absolutely love it!

Just last week both of my kids were sick, I was at the doctor’s office three times and my oldest missed four days of school. I didn’t have to worry about calling out, missing work and an angry employer.

I worked when I could and that was that.

Being a Search Engine Evaluator is a Stay at Home Mom’s dream job! The only issue is that there is a HUGE learning curve and it can be discouraging starting out. BUT, if you stick with it you will learn and it becomes second nature in no time!

**BONUS** Lionbridge & Leapforce offer positions as EMPLOYEES! 

Search Engine Evaluator – The Hiring Process

The application process is pretty simple.

  1. Fill out an online application
  2. Wait for an email offering an exam
  3. Take the exam 
  4. Fill out new hire paperwork
  5. Start Working

You do have to pass an exam to get in, they give you all the materials you just have to study.

When I say study I mean it, don’t half-ass it or you won’t get in.  Unfortunately, I had to sign an NDA or I’d dish all the details!

If you want to be a stay at home Mom, but know your family cannot make it on one income becoming a Search Engine Evaluator is a great option!

My advice, apply to all of the companies as they hire on and off throughout the year!

#1 Leapforce You want to apply for the position of “RaterLabs Internet Analyst” if you want to be hired on as an employee. Offers several positions in different languages and offers employment all over the world. 

#2 iSoftStone Hires for Search Engine Analysts, they only post the job on Indeed. They do require you to work 10-25 hours per week, though you can work those hours when you’re available. US only.

#3 Lionbridge (Now The Smart Crowd) Hires for Web Content Assessor, Social Media Assessor, and several other positions.

#4 ZeroChaos Hires for Ads quality raters, they only post the job on career websites such as

#5 Appen Butler Hill Hires for Search Engine Evaluator, Social Media Evaluator, and several other work at home opportunities.

Have a question regarding employment as a Search Engine Evaluator? Leave it in the comments below!


Looking for a work at home job that actually pays? This is your gig! As an employee, non-phone, 100% flexible this is not your average stay at home mom job! Stop messing with side hustles and start working and make real money from home with Search engine evaluation! Make money from home, online jobs, jobs for moms, work at home mom, jobs, income, work online.

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