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ViV Collection Leggings Review: Cute Leggings That Won’t Break The Bank

ViV Collection Leggings Review: Cute Leggings That Won’t Break The Bank

Last updated on June 11th, 2019

ViV Collection Leggings Review – Super Soft, Affordable & Cute!

I confess that it has taken me a while to jump on to the leggings bandwagon.

First off, I am in no way a “fashionable” person. My wardrobe pretty much consists of black t-shirts and jeans, a pair of flip-flops, sneakers, and Crocs Kadee Flats. I am working on changing this!

Second off, I don’t splurge on clothes for myself as I often can’t find justification in doing so when a child needs x,y or z and I can live without new clothes.

When the LuLaRoe legging craze took over I barely batted an eye. At $25+ dollars a pair I knew that was not in my budget and I didn’t give them a second thought.

Third off, I do not find the camel-toe (yes, I just said that), view-my-every-nook-and-cranny trend attractive.

So, yes, I was resistant to buy into the legging trend. That all changed when I found this shirt and knew leggings were pretty much my only option if I wanted to wear it. Plus, I am sick of jeans!

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The Search For Comfy, Affordable Leggings


The first thing my cheap – I mean frugal butt did was head to Wal-Mart land of all things cheap. I was not impressed. Most of their leggings felt stiff and looked like they were one wash away from fading out.

I knew LuLaRoe was out, as I still can not afford them but I have heard such great things about the “softness” I knew I wanted to find a LuLaRoe Copycat if you will. Not

I took to my BOS (best online store) Amazon, and started shopping around for women’s leggings. I ran across ViV Collection Leggings which had/has a TON of good reviews, and they are reasonably priced.

Now, I do NOT own any LuLaRoe clothing at all, but based on the reviews I assume that these leggings are just as good as LuLaRoe and are 1/2 the price!

ViV Collection Leggings On Amazon

The product description on Amazon states that the ViV leggings are:

  1. Buttery Soft (92% Polyester & 8% Spandex)
  2. Ultra Comfortable (Stretchy, Breathable & Light)
  3. Multi-Purpose Wear (NOT see through & Non-sag/baggy)
  4. Stretch Waistband
  5. Quality Guaranteed

They come in two sizes XS-L & L-XXL the leggings are available with prime shipping & FREE returns! Which was a biggie for me.

They have a TON and I mean a ton of patterns/prints in both sizes.

Size XS-L:

Size L-XXL:

  • Printed Brushed Leggings – Listing one (45 Legging Patterns)
  • Printed Brushed Leggings – Listing two (44 Legging Patterns)
  • Printed Brushed Leggings – Listing Three (41 Legging Patterns)
  • Printed Brushed Leggings – Listing Four (45 Leggings Patterns)
  • Printed Brushed Leggings – Listing Five (34 Legging Patterns)
  • Seasonal Christmas Leggings (9 Legging Patterns)

My ViV Collection Leggings Review


Sidenote: I learned that not only does my fashion sense sucks – I am not good at being photographed in said fashion. Probably didn’t help that my husband was laughing the whole time. Hence picture #4. 

Even with such great reviews I couldn’t help but be a skeptic.

Initially, I added a ton of ViV Leggings to my Amazon cart, I ended up saving all of them for later besides a solid black pair. I was pretty excited about getting them in, along with my new shirt.

It’s very rare that I buy something just for me and like I said clothing is pretty much last on the list.

I was not disappointed when they came in! They are very, very soft and washed well. I should have gotten a L-XXL, I wear a size 13 in juniors (yes, my pants are that old!) and the XS-L was a little snug on my waist but not enough for me to send them back.

These also pull up above your belly button – which I am not used to wearing my pants that high. Maybe that’s a common leggings thing. I am just going to count it as a bonus and pretend it’s helping to suck in my “Mom-pouch”.

All in all the description and the reviews are pretty accurate and I will be buying several more pairs!

Have you tried ViV Collection Leggings? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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